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After a disaster, we understand that your priority is to make sure that your client is able to recover fully. To do that best may mean enlisting other trusted advisors to contribute their specialties to properly prepare and document the property damage claim. Our public adjusters have unmatched experience and results in property claims management. Please consider adding us to your claim team.


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Providing financial records, documents, projections, and data without an overall claim strategy can be devastating. We know what is required, when to present it, and how to present it.

Insurance Agents & Brokers

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We know and speak the language of property insurance and can help expedite the claims process to make sure your client receives the optimum amount to recover from the disaster.

Risk Managers

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Most risk managers are experts at assessing risk and placing coverage, but may not have prepared and documented major claims. We have the proven experience to assist on any level.


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We know that claims can often involve legal issues dealing with coverage and causation. We have years of experience handling a myriad of claims involving the same issues. We can help you by presenting and supporting a detailed, documented claim.

Property Managers

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Claims handling can easily tax your resources at a time when your focus on customer retention should be the primary objective.

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  • We’re the Public Adjusting Experts.
  • Unmatched Experience, Resources, and Results.
  • A Satisfied Client May be a Long-Term Client.

Adjusting Today Adjusting Today

Adjusters International, Inc., Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Experts

First published in 1989, Adjusting Today is a comprehensive and popular free resource for today’s adjusters, insurance agents, brokers, risk managers, attorneys, and business owners. Authored by leading experts and written from the perspective of the policyholder, it covers a variety of the current and critical insurance topics related to property damage and business interruption claims.

Please keep in mind that Adjusters Today is provided for general information and is not intended to replace professional insurance, legal and/or financial advice for specific cases.

Available by subscription in hard copy or PDF format, and always available for download from our website.

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